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Sustainable Silver Jewellery

Inspired by the Natural World


At Blackbird, every piece of jewellery is designed and handcrafted in the UK. Our talented artists bring our concept designs to life using a combination of modern CAD software and wax carving techniques. Skilled artisans in Birmingham and London, with expertise in the age-old tradition of lost-wax casting meticulously master, mould, and cast the components. The pendants, charms, earrings, and bracelets are then finished and assembled by hand.


Our signature charms at Blackbird are renowned for their exquisite detailing, celebrating the abundance of nature. From delicate forest leaves and wildflowers to enchanting creatures, birds, and insects, our designs capture the beauty of the natural world. In addition, we offer graphic and textured pieces inspired by the elemental forces. We are deeply passionate about our jewellery designs, creating modern heirloom pieces meant to be cherished, worn, and passed down through generations.


Blackbird's journey began in 2012 when Maggie and her son James joined forces to pursue their jewellery-making passion. James, a young jewellery maker, and Maggie drawing upon her experience as a Creative Director assembled a team of talented jewellery designers, artists, and artisans to bring their vision to life. Our operations now span two locations: the original studio shop in Battersea, London, and a serene garden studio in Fairlight, East Sussex. Our East Sussex studio continues to inspire us, nurturing creativity and providing endless inspiration for our new jewellery pieces.

Experience the beauty of sustainable silver jewellery that harmonises with nature at Blackbird.

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